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The Turning Point - Mi Esposa By Jessie Glenn

Upon reaching the age of eighteen, Jamie went to the bank to deal with the money that had been held in trust for him because of the car accident. Jamie hid his checkbook under the carpet in his and Raven’s bedroom because he knew that the people that would come in and out of their home would steal whatever they could in an instant. Jamie knew he could have whatever he wanted right now, but he wanted to make this money last. He wanted to have the same security for his entire life that having the money gave him. Jamie refused to spend any of it unless it was invested.

While only eighteen years old, Jamie knew he needed to provide for his family, but he didn’t know how. As Jamie pondered on what to do with his life and how he was going to help his family, he and Raven decided it would be in the family’s best interest for Jamie to join the military. While at school, Jamie and Raven met with a recruiter for the United States Navy. Jamie decided that he would join the navy. Jamie’s grandfather was in the navy. And maybe this would make him proud of me, thought Jamie. Jamie spoke with Raven in detail about joining the navy.

Raven agreed that he would support Sharon, Calvin, and his cousin with the money that Jamie would send back. Raven, however, became a pastor at a church and was never haunted by anything that took place in his childhood. Jamie, however, couldn’t let everything go like Raven was able to. Jamie always admired this about Raven and was glad to see Raven…

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