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The revenge - Mi Esposa By Jessie Glenn

During the first year of the passing of Rico and Nina being gone, Jamie received a call from his sister Nadia. Nadia informed Jamie that his great aunt Patricia was dying from lung cancer. Nadia pleaded with Jamie to return home because his great aunt requested Jamie’s presence. Jamie refused; he didn’t even consider returning. While Jamie didn’t hate his Patricia, he simply could not go back home to Arizona despite his sister telling him his presence was requested by Patricia. Jamie didn’t believe that she requested his presence. Jamie felt like he would be a joke to everyone since everyone knew how she never truly cared for Jamie. Also, Jamie thought it would show weakness to go be by her side as she would not truly care for his presence anyway. Jamie didn’t want to rush to her side for her to not even acknowledge his presence. Jamie was hurt to learn of her impending death, but he would not show it. It wasn’t Jamie’s intention to hurt his great aunt, but he had no intention to comfort her especially since she was not there for him when he was young and needed her. Dying, for Jamie, would have been easier than dealing with the emotional pain he dealt with as a young child.

While the monster brewed in the heart of Jamie, Jamie constantly asked himself how he was going to get revenge upon his cousin, Bobby, for taking part in Nina’s abduction. Jamie wanted to make Bobby pay, but Jamie didn’t know how he was going to get to Bobby since he was still incarcerated and would be for life.

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