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The return - Mi Esposa By Jessie Glenn

Jamie continued with his horse racing and law practice. Jamie was learning how to live alone, without the woman he loved and without the son who meant everything to him. While Jamie was helping his friend Old Man, Old Man was helping Jamie too. Jamie had a true friend. Soon summer came, and it went, then fall, winter, and then spring. Still, Jamie had not heard anything from Nina. It was as if she vanished or died. Jamie was beginning to accept that Nina wasn’t coming back.

He continued to race horses and bred thoroughbreds as another hobby. To watch these young horses play in a pasture brought Jamie peace. He would sit on his porch and watch how these curious little animals would find enjoyment in seeing a frog jump or a butterfly land on the mother. Jamie said that to watch these young animals made him feel happy and free from the world’s worries. It also brought back peaceful memories of his son, Little Rico.

Another year came and went, but still nothing from Nina. Jamie’s mind still often drifted into thoughts about Nina but not nearly as often as it did in the years prior. It was a cool spring day. Jamie was working with the horses with Old Man, when his sister Nadia called him to inform him that his mother’s health was rapidly deteriorating.

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