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The return of the emptiness - Mi Esposa By Jessie Glenn

As Nina slowly got her strength back and Jamie’s wounds healed, the life the two of them had grown to know no longer existed. Nina did not look at Jamie the same after she knew what he had done. Nina loved Lorenzo and her cousins. She heard the beatings in the house and shed. All Nina could think about was the monster with the face that was beaten beyond recognition. She would constantly think about walking by and seeing the bodies lying there that had been beaten. She always wondered if Jamie killed Lorenzo; in her heart, she knew he did. Jamie understood her thoughts as he too still loved his family despite all that took place in his life. But Jamie knew in his heart that he would do it again if needed. Nina and Jamie raised Rico together for the next several months. Jamie and Nina rarely spoke, and Jamie remained patient with Nina. Nina was short with Jamie and tried to avoid Jamie. She felt trapped in the home Jamie provided for her. She knew Jamie killed her family members. The hate that Jamie had raging in his heart was now in Nina’s heart. That same hate that Jamie had in his heart for all those years now raged in Nina’s chest, and it was all directed toward Jamie. The thought and sight of Jamie made Nina sick. The very sound of Jamie’s voice made Nina agitated and angry. To Nina, Jamie was a sick monster who was capable of killing, torturing, and snapping anytime. Nina refused to sleep in the same room with Jamie and tried to avoid him at all times.

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