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The return of a monster - Mi Esposa By Jessie Glenn

On Nina’s third day of being gone, Jamie’s phone rang. He could hear her talking to someone in Spanish. The only thing he could make out was that they mentioned something about money. Then the phone hung up. Jamie didn’t call back right away. He waited. Sure enough, Jamie’s phone rang again. It was Nina, and Jamie could tell she had been crying.

Jamie: “Nina?”
Nina: “Jamie, please send the $5,000. We can afford this.”
Jamie: “Nina, what is going on?”
Nina: “Jamie, please send the money. I can tell you later.”

Her phone then hung up. Jamie’s mind scrambled to figure out what had just taken place. Jamie called her back, but there was no answer. He tried again and again but still no answer. Jamie waited until the next morning, and he called her once again. But no answer. As Jamie got to work the following morning, his cell phone rang. It
was a man. Jamie thought it sounded like he heard Lorenzo talking in the background. This was Nina’s sixth day of being gone.

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