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The Making of a Monster - Mi Esposa By Jessie Glenn

The telephone rang at 8:00 a.m. Rarely does her phone ring before 9:00 a.m. When she answered the call, she knew it was something of an important nature.
“Yes,” said Nadia.
“There is a young law student here who is seeking information about
Mr. Emerson,” said the guard to the estate.
“Send her away,” said Nadia. Then she hung up the phone and started to walk back to the living room. She paused for a few moments and just stared down at the floor. Her heart began to pound, and her eyes filled with water. She walked back over to the phone and called the guard.

Guard: “Hello.”
Nadia: “Is she still there?”
Guard: “Yes, she is still here. She claims she is doing research on trial
lawyers, and she wants to know about Mr. Emerson. She is adamant
that she wants to speak with someone about him.”
Nadia: “What is her name? Check her driver’s license.”
Guard: “Her name is Catalina. I already checked her ID.”
Nadia: “Send her in.”
Guard: “Okay. Do I need to search her first?”
Nadia: “No, that won’t be necessary.”

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