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The Indictment - Mi Esposa By Jessie Glenn

After Jamie settled back into the practice of law, Jamie received a telephone call from the attorney general’s office. Jamie was getting indicted for murder. A few months before this indictment, Jamie represented a young man on a high-profile attempted murder case. The alleged victim, Chris, was the grandson of a politician. Jamie’s client was accused of trying to rob and kill Chris. Both the suspect and Chris, the victim, had dirty hands in the matter as it was over a drug deal gone bad. Jamie’s client brought an addict with him to try out the drug Chris was selling to make sure the drug was worth purchasing. When the addict didn’t get high, he refused to buy it. Chris was selling methamphetamine that had too much baking soda in it; hence, it was too diluted to be of any value. The victim, Chris, pulled out his gun and was trying to force him to give him the money for the drugs that had no street value. Jamie’s client refused and pulled out his gun and was willing to use it. Jamie was approached on several occasions to throw the case, but he refused. Jamie certainly didn’t agree with the conduct by Chris or his client, but Jamie believed his client was acting in self-defense. Both Chris and Jamie’s client brought companions to the drug deal, and each of them gave the same account to the police. Jamie thought, Why should the politician’s grandson get special treatment?

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