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Friendship - Mi Esposa By Jessie Glenn

Jamie continued to try to stay focused as he struggled to find a way to live life without his son and Nina. Each morning, Jamie would wake up and think, Is today the day Nina might return? Jamie could not take the anxiety of waiting for Nina any longer. Jamie was always somewhat of a loner. He learned early in life to trust no one, but now being alone was becoming too hard on Jamie. Nina breathed life in to Jamie. Now, being alone was harder than ever before.

Jamie got back into the racehorses as much as possible. On weekends, Jamie would take his horses to race at tracks to stay busy and get away from his home and to keep his mind off Nina and Little Rico. While at a horse racetrack in Florida, Jamie met an older man who was there racing his horses as well. This older gentleman stopped to give Jamie a tip on the type of feed to keep horses running at top notch.

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